Selling large amounts? We can organize a public auction for your equipment.

If you are thinking of closing your factory, downsizing, or generally have a large amount of equipment to sell...

Why not consider a public auction instead of dealing with the hassle of individual sales?

Trader Machinery can set up your public auction for you, taking the stress and logistics out of selling large numbers of equipment.

We conduct auctions across Canada and the USA through our sister company, Infinity Asset Solutions.

Infinity Asset Solutions conducts 50 to 75 live and online auctions yearly.

Contact us and our experienced team can work with you to put together a plan to achieve the maximum value for your assets - quickly.

We’ll make sure your machines are presented in their best quality so you can receive the best price during auction. 

We also cover all the related promotional and logistical concerns; we'll find the best audience for your equipment.

We can cover the auction process from start to finish.

Think about Trader Machinery if you have a large amount of machinery to offload.