About Us

We provide new and used metalworking equipment

Trader Machinery is a leader in dealing used metalworking equipment in Canada. Specializing in metal fabricating and tool room equipment, we have continued to improve in our production standards over the last decade to serve you better. Our staff are highly trained and prepared to answer any and all questions you have about our metalworking services. If you require new or used metalworking equipment, we can assist you.


Our business was founded in 1993, where we originally focused on solely fabricating equipment such as shears, press brakes, and smaller presses for example. Since then, we have continued to grow year over year - making us today a leader in new and used metalworking equipment. By putting particular focus into the needs of the customer, we have been able to offer additional services such as certified valuation and public auctions for large scale sales.

All of this is made possible by our state of the art facility. Because we highly value our local customers and the relationships we've formed over the years, we have always remained in the Concord region of Ontario. Our facility manages the large assortment of fabricating equipment and machine tools that we house. Over the last two decades we have continued to update our standards & best practices to adapt to the evolving metalworking industry.