Accurpress Accell HT

The Accell HT features rugged builds, oversized components and powerful gauging devices. These machines are tough and durable and will stand up to any forming challenge. If you want to bend something big, we've got you covered. 

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  • Remote Hydraulics: Hydraulics are installed on the exterior of the side frames, opening up the back of the machine and removing potential obstructions when forming large plate.
  • Y1/Y2 Proportional Hydraulic Technology: The Accell HT has the latest in proportional hydraulic technologies allowing for positional accuracy of 0.0004”. Machine reliability is monitored via a Safety PLC.
  • Generous Open Height/Stroke: The Accell HT line comes standard with impressive ram open heights and stroke lengths to provide flexibility for complex part designs.
  • Machine Controls: The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell HT models. The Vision Screen features a robust control head complete with keyboard/ mouse tray and additional USB port.
  • Optional ETS3000 Control: This option offers consistency for shops already familiar with the ETS3000 control.
  • Ram Tool Clamping Systems: The Ram is manufactured with Hardened Clamps or can be machined to accept optional Hydraulic clamping systems.
  • Titan Backgauge: The Titan is the worlds strongest backgauge! It has been designed by Accurpress to withstand the highest shock loads from heavy material like no other gauge can do. Offering up to 6-axes X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z2 for Accell HT models.
  • Optional Adjustable Power Lock Die: This optional tool system offers power lock/unlock, CNC Crowning and is fully adjustable within a range of bottom v-opening positions. Changes to the v-opening can be made in seconds with the Vision or ETS3000 control.