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Stock Number4486

Equipped With

Maximum bend length: 82.09"

Press capacity: 55 US tons

Vertical stroke of lower beam: 3.937"

Rising speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 2.323"

Bending speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 0.433"

Lowering speed of lower beam (in. /sec) at 60Hz: 1.37"

Number of cylinders: 3

Hydraulic unit tank capacity, (US Gal): 17.2

Machine weight (US Tons): 3.4


Numerical controls

Position command method: Absolute value method

Number of controlled axes: 2 Axes

(D, L) Input method 

D axis: Teaching with HANDWHEEL, and data entry with numeric keys (MDI mode) 

L axis: Data entry with numeric keys 

Least input increment 

D axis: 0.0004 in.

L axis: 0.001in.

Display method: 7-segment LED

Position detection

D axis: Encoder

L axis: Encoder

Memory capacity: 99 steps in L-ONLY mode and 99 steps in MDI mode or 198 steps in total 

Drive method D axis: 200-w DC motor 

L axis: 200-w DC motor 

Origin setup 

D axis: Tool origin set by aligning tools 

L axis: Origin automatically set ORIGIN START button 

Alarm display: Operational mistake and error are displayed by number 

Ambient temperature: 32 to 104 degrees F 

Ambient humidity: Maximum of 75% (relative humidity) without dew condensation




Backgauge specifications

Feed rate

D Axis: 0.01 to 0.60 in. /sec

L Axis: 590.55 in. /min

Travel range

D Axis: 0 to 3.937 in.

L Axis: 0 to 19.685 in.

Stopper height: 1.969 to 7.087 in.

Positioning accuracy

D axis: +/- 0.0004 in.

L axis: +/- 0.0060 in.