157" X 78" HYMSON, 6KW High Efficiency CNC Fiber Optic Laser, New 2019

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ModelHF 4020G-6000I
Stock Number4344
Processing Range157.4" x 78.7" (4000 mm x 2000 mm).
Z-Axis Travel9.4"
Positioning Accuracy+ 0.0011" per 40" (+ 0.03 mm/m).
Positioning Repeatability+ 0.00078"( + 0.02 mm).
Max. Workpiece Load4,851 lbs. ( 2,200 kgs )
Machine Footprint406" x 230"
Machine Height98.4"
Cutting Capacities:Carbon Steel 1mm - 25 mm, Stainless 1mm - 25 mm, Aluminum 1mm - 20 mm, Brass/Copper 1mm - 12 mm

Equipped With

Equipped With:

Honeycomb structure machine base (HYMSON patented feature) ensures the most stable platform for the most accurate precision cuts, absorbs vibration from extreme acceleration and deceleration and ensures a long operating life.


Intelligent Fume and Dust Exhaust system opens exhaust gates only where cutting is occurring. (8) or (10) Exhaust sections depending on table size offer optimal "Dust/Fume collection" performance.

IPG (USA) 6000 Watt Fiber Laser Source.

BECKHOFF (Germany) control system and servo motors.

AVENTICS / REXROTH (Germany) proportional valve.



Electric cabinet separated from the machine with a constant temperature air conditioner ensures a long stable lifetime even in the most hostile environments.

Environment friendly industrial water-cooling chiller.

Automatic Lubrication system.

Automatic Zooming feature for instant focus adjustment.

Laser Output Control from 0 - 100%.

HIYAG / PRECITEC Laser Head with IPG (USA) Laser Source.


Control and Software:

BECKHOFF (Germany) Machine Control System.

Graphic Formats Supported:


Color Separation Capable: Yes.